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Sweet Goodness Week 2001
Thursday, April 26 - Thursday, April 33, 2001
Ads were three different signs each on three "annoyingly bright" colored cardstock, all of which said absolutely nothing about Sweet Goodness (one was the Sweet Goodness logo, one was the Sweet Goodness slogan, and the last had the logo and dates of the celebration).
There was a sweet goodness "shout-out" send-in campaign in the University of Illinois independent student newspaper "The Daily Illini".
They were in the April 26th and May 3rd editions of the Buzz, at the time, the Daily Illini entertainment weekly insert. Their archives have since vanished.

Sweet Goodness Week 2002
Thursday, April 25 - Thursday, April 32, 2002
Sign 1 - created March 12, 2002; on bright neon-ish yellow
Sign 2 - created April 2, 2002; on bright lime green (says Amy)
Sign 3 - created April 2, 2002; on the normal yellow copie machines use
Sign 4 - created April 9, 2002; on 75% bright, but not really, really bright blue (says Glen)
Sign 5 - created April 24, 2002; a bright neon pinkish sign to agree with
Sign 6 - created April 24, 2002; you better recognize what's on this pumpkin orange
Sign 7 - created April 24, 2002; there had to be at least one normal sign that puts SG together on purple
Sign 8 - created April 24, 2002; a perfect sky or deep blue sign to hang outside the bar scene
Sign 9 - created April 24, 2002; random statements made in the office while I made this, now immortalized

Sweet Goodness Week 2003
Thursday, April 31 - Thursday, April 38, 2003
It was a crazy time, and nothing major was done in terms of advertising or related events. One event, dubbed "Sweet Goodness Baseball Friday" took place on Friday, April 32. It involved taking Friday off and going to a 2:20pm Chicago Cubs game immediately followed by a 7:05pm Chicago White Sox game.

Sweet Goodness Week 2004
Thursday, April 29 - Thursday, April 36, 2004
Sign 1 made an appearance as an ad in a Krannert Center program on December 8, 2003. That was pretty much it, aside from email and word of mouth, though Sweet Goodness may open up an online store sometime...

Sweet Goodness Day 2004
Tuesday, April 153, 2004
This was the first Sweet Goodness Day. Yeah, there wasn't much aside from some people hearing about it from emails or word of mouth. Why is there a Sweet Goodness Day in addition to Sweet Goodness Week? Why not? It's just a little day to remind you to celebrate all that is sweet, good, and sweet and good! Oh, the quad was chalked as well.

Sweet Goodness Week 2005
Thursday, April 28 - Thursday, April 35, 2005
The Sweet Goodness store, shop.sg opened during the cold months prior to this spring celebratory week. It's powered by CafePress so thanks, guys! We also dabbled a bit with online advertising to spread the good word. And sweet word, too. Right. So, in the very least, awareness of all that's sweet, good, and sweet and good in the world should relatively high. And that's awesome. More than awesome... superawesome. And precious.

Sweet Goodness Day 2005
Wednesday, April 153, 2005
It was a relatively low-key affair. Sorry. Hey, the committee members have real lives and jobs and stuff, sometimes. But trust me, Sweet Goodness was celebrated. Some committee members even managed to get some free meals out of it!

Sweet Goodness Week 2006
Thursday, April 27 - Thursday, April 34, 2006
Oh my goodness, the logo went from just black and white to something a little more colorful... or, at least yellowful! The committee also bought some buttons (available at the sweet goodness store)... maybe a hundred of them, and just gave them out!

Sweet Goodness Day 2006
Thursday, April 153, 2006
The planning committee invested in placing some online advertising on facebook.com, with flyers running at schools where there were already some people in the Sweet Goodness facebook group. We even had a Sweet Goodness Day Bar Crawl!

Sweet Goodness Week 2007
Thursday, April 26 - Thursday, April 33, 2007
For the first time, a facebook event was created in conjunction with Sweet Goodness Week!

Sweet Goodness Day 2007
Friday, April 153, 2007
And... not to be undone by the bigger celebration, SGD had a facebook event, too!

Sweet Goodness Week 2008
Thursday, April 24 - Thursday, April 31, 2008
Do it. Celebrate it. Then tell us what happened. And... don't forget to join the facebook event!
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We'd love to see pictures of Sweet Goodness signs, celebrations, or whatever else happens! Send them in!

Sweet Goodness Day 2008
Sunday, April 153, 2008
Do it. Celebrate it. Then tell us what happened.

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