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Hey, April 32nd isn't a real date!
April 32nd comes one day after April 31st.

Hey, are you guys baked?
This fine question was asked by some fine gentleman outside of one of Champaign, Illinois's watering holes, specifically, one that is "home of the drinking Illini"... no, we are not! It's all about the sweet and good in the world, and for that, interesting substances are not necessary for our celebration of the world around us. But feel free to do so, if that's what floats your boat.

Hey, can I email someone about Sweet Goodness?
Feel free to email anyone you want about Sweet Goodness. However, if you feel the need to contact someone vaguely responsible in the Sweet Goodness Planning Committee, you may email "sweetgoodnessplanningcommittee [@t] sweetgoodness [d.t] org" and you just may get a response. But don't hold your breath. I wouldn't. But I just might walk a thousand miles to read your email tonight. =)

Hey, why is Sweet Goodness Day on April 153rd?
Here's a fun fact: April 153rd is 123 days after the end of the 4th month. 1-2-3-4. Get it? Some would say that that's brilliant. Oh, and while we're at it, here's something I learned in my calculus class back in the day, and by day, I mean high school. Here's a sentence that uses "that" 5 times in a row...
I think that that that that that guy said is correct.
I know. Totally unrelated. Sorry.

Hey, why Sweet Goodness?
You know, I don't even really remember why or how it all came about. It was so long ago, like ancient history or something.

Hey, when is Sweet Goodness?
The answer to that one can be found in the {informational} section... that's assuming I haven't been a slacker and that page is updated... if it exists.

Hey, when is Sweet Goodness going global?
I suppose this website makes it globally internetically accessible. I also suppose that's not what you were talking about. But, really, for Sweet Goodness to be all awesome and globalinternational, it all depends on you! So make it so!

Hey, why does Sweet Goodness Week run from a seemingly random date to another seemingly random date?
I am sorry, but the algorithm is not available at this time.

Hey, how can a person spread Sweet Goodness?
A person can spread Sweet Goodness in however way a person decides to, as long as such dissemination of Sweet Goodness is in the spirit of Sweet Goodness.

Hey, can I get Sweet Goodness from licking a pool table?
If that's what does it for you, then, I guess so. Results may vary. We do not recommend licking a pool table without consulting a doctor in advance, though.

Hey, can Sweet Goodness be ingested? For instance, if I eat enough strawberry frosted sugar cookies, will I be able to ingest Sweet Goodness and, perhaps, become the manifestation of Sweet Goodness?
Sweet Goodness comes from within. One need not consume an arbitrarily large amount of Sweet Goodness to exude Sweet Goodness. You can decide how Sweet Goodness manifests itself in your world.

Hey, does Sweet Goodness make any money?
Uh, no. The promotion of Sweet Goodness and related festivities, warmth, and fuzziness does not make money. Sure, you can buy Sweet Goodness junk, and any funds generated go toward domain registration, web and store hosting, and marketing. If, for some bizarre reason, Sweet Goodness makes money, and we've paid our debts to society, taxes, extended domain lifetimes and the like, then maybe we just might organize a way to share Sweet Goodness with the world in other ways. In its current status, Sweet Goodness is funded by poor kids in their twenties with college debt... and they still find that the concept of Sweet Goodness is worth sharing.

Hey, what do I do if I have a question (not already answered) about Sweet Goodness?
You can submit your question to the Sweet Goodness Planning Committee! You may receive a personal response. Your question might be posted here on this web page. Or, alternatively, nothing might happen. It all depends. (One day, eventually, there just might be a web form. Whoa!)

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