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The Official Sweet Goodness Store!
In December 2004, our official store was launched. Thanks to the wonders of cafepress.com, you too may own lovely items branded with sweet goodness. (Other random items for sale, too.) You can find the Purchasable Things of Sweet Goodness at shop.sweetgoodness.org! Go ahead, and have fun! Proceeds from sales are used to pay for shop and site maintenance, and to help promote Sweet Goodness into the future!

Do-It-Yourself Memories
You can make your own Sweet Goodness stuffs that will serve as little things that will inspire you to remember all that is sweet and good for years to come! Print out an ad (from the historical section) and save it forever.

In a smimilar manner, create your own Sweet Goodness signs or what not! Here's some basic art for your personal sweetness and goodness:

[The Flower] [The Person] [Some Words]

Year 2 Featured an Official T-Shirt
The front-side design features our person-flower logo proudly next to "Sweet Goodness". The back of the shirt begins with the logo and all that is sweet' wordage and concludes with some mathematical speak and closing remarks.

An initial limited run of shirts was created and is just about sold out! (I would have made more, but I can't afford to have extra shirts lying around and managed to live. Well, financially, that is.) If you wanted one, I'm SO sorry!

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