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When is this holiday?
Sweet Goodness Week 2010 is celebrated in the Thursday - to - Thursday week beginning April 29th and ending April 36th. Sometimes, Sweet Goodness Week is refered to a holiweek as opposed to a holiday.

Sweet Goodness Day is always celebrated on April 153rd. In 2009, it falls on a Tuesday.

Spreading the joys of Sweet Goodness
The best way to spread Sweet Goodness about the world is to remember all things that are sweet, good, or sweet and good. Usually, we put up signs as well (you can find some old ones in the historical section), so feel free to print one out and put it in your window!

In the weeks prior to Sweet Goodness Week, several signs made their way onto random parts of the University of Illinois campus. The few days prior to Sweet Goodness Week are like "the quiet before the storm" as our advertising campaign, whatever that may be, is suspended. Sweet Goodness Week's eve brings one final punch to inform everyone about the week, complete with more signs and quad chalkings! In 2005, Sweet Goodness Week advertised for the first time online on thefacebook.com (now just facebook.com) by way of facebook announcements. Sweet Goodness Day was being celebrated for the first time in 2004.

Whatever you do, remember the spirit of Sweet Goodness and all will be superawesome. There isn't much that you need to do specifically. It's just all about having fun and recognizing the good and sweet things around you!

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