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Oh, What Should I Do?
The best way to celebrate Sweet Goodness Week and Sweet Goodness Day is to remember what Sweet Goodness is all about. Remember: "for all that is sweet; for all that is good; for all that is sweet and good"

With that in mind, celebrate Sweet Goodness in any way you want! How will you celebrate Sweet Goodness?

Here are ways you can celebrate Sweet Goodness Week/Day:

You could treat yourself to the sweet and good things you desire. You could do the same for others as well!
You could write a letter. You know that girl that's always helping you out or hookin' you up with a special? Why not write a letter of praise to her supervisor or place of business? That'd be nice. Of course, replace "her" and any other words as necessary.
You could wear sweet goodness junk, or make some yourself. Or just wear yellow or another annoyingly bright color. Post about it on your website (pictures?!) and email Sweet Goodness about it.
You could buy some stuff and give it to random people on the street. Candy, flowers, chocolate, whatever. And be sure to give some to your favorite people like good friends, random quad strangers, and that bus driver that holds an extra five seconds that ensures you make it on the bus!
You could email isupportsweetgoodness@sweetgoodness.org and/or join the Sweet Goodness group on facebook or on myspace, and perpetuate the spreading of sweet, good, and sweet and good things in the world around you.
You could make your own Sweet Goodness Week/Day signs or make a little chalk message or greeting on the sidewalk or classroom chalkboard.
You can become a fan of Sweet Goodness on Facebook (and tell your friends)!
If you have any other ways of celebrating Sweet Goodness, let us know... your suggestion might just find its way here!

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